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Community Voices: LDStorymakers

As the founder and president of LDStorymakers (pronounced LDS Storymakers), I’ve had many questions about the group and decided that here would be the perfect place to outline our founding, our purpose, and who can join. In October 2002, the … Continue reading

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SF&F Corner: Open Letter to Readers Who Object to Contemporary Fantasy, Sci-fi, and Paranormal Novels at Deseret Book

Note: My new novel Imprints had barely reached store shelves a couple weeks ago when a customer, upon reading the description in the catalog, e-mailed Deseret Book asking them to remove my novel from Deseret Book stores since it was … Continue reading

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Stuff of Romance: The New Face of Romance

At first I was going to entitle this blog Why I Like Romance, but as I started considering the subject, I realized that there are many varieties of romance today, some relatively new on the scene, and I only like … Continue reading

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The Writer’s Desk: Time to Step Back, Reevaluate, and Reorganize—Again

Stop the treadmill! I want to get off. Or even just slap it down a notch. But my publisher is wondering where my next manuscript is, my children need help with scouts and a science project (my daughter could use a … Continue reading

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YA Corner: What’s Up With YA Literature?

Something’s afoot, and I’m not liking it one bit. I’m not speaking as an author, but as a mother of teenage girls. Some years ago, an author friend of mine was invited to speak at a national writers conference. She … Continue reading

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SF&F Corner: What I’d Like to See in LDS Genre Fiction

I have big plans for the future, and since it’s almost the new year, I’ll share them with you. I’m going to join a martial arts club with my children and obtain a concealed handgun permit. No, I’m not looking for … Continue reading

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