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“Dean Millman, Artist”

. Few things give me as much instant delight as running across a stack of old church magazines. Something about the printing and production and images chosen makes me so happy. (I feel this way about all old magazines, but, … Continue reading

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Robert Benchley Gives a Sacrament Meeting Talk

. Good morning, brothers and sisters. Don’t you all look so nice in your Sunday finery! I see Sister Rosenthal picked up some of that charming purple lipstick she noticed on my collar last week. I feel obliged to admit … Continue reading

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Christmas for Christmas


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Thankful for five

. Last year I wrote about five books that have shaped my sense of what Mormon literature can be. This year I can share five works that have fine-tuned this sense. It’s been a dandy of year. (Although my slapdash image-making … Continue reading

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King Josiah

. [NOTE: Nothing about this post is intended to impress your seminary teacher. I’m playing loose with the facts which facts are themselves at best loose. Don’t argue the past. The past is not the point. The point is the … Continue reading

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Accountability to the little guy

. This blog was down for several days this month because someone forgot to pay for the domain name or hosting or something rudimentary like that. The accompanying website has been down for a long time for reasons unclarified. I … Continue reading

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