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The Monstrous Metaphors of Laura Brown and Abraham

Watching The Hours is inevitably an enthralling and destabilizing experience for me. If you haven’t seen this movie (or read the luminous book it was based on), you should do so now because I’m about to spoil the story. Laura … Continue reading

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Break It Down!

Like Lehi of old, I stepped from the front door of my house and found something beautiful sparkling in the sunlight. It was not a Liahona; it was the final proof of iPlates Volume 1, a graphic novel based the … Continue reading

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What Does Louis CK Have to Teach the Mormon Humorist?

I’ve been writing Mormon humor off and on for more than ten years now. In 2002, some friends and I started The Sugar Beet, a Mormon humor website, and my first article was titled “Provo Temple Liftoff Successful.” (The Sugar … Continue reading

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Beyond Doubt

At the most recent AML Conference, James Goldberg made a passing remark that has stuck with me. It went something along the lines of, “I’ve become bored with stories about doubt.” The comment stuck with me because . . . … Continue reading

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Meeting the Gods

We’d been hiking for hours, the wind sandblasting our faces and whipping up dust devils as tall as the rock canyon walls. I wasn’t sure why we had come, or what we were there to see. And when we arrived, … Continue reading

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Wanted: One Internet-free Dark Night of the Soul

At a Sunstone Symposium a few years ago, I was talking with a person who ran a popular podcast. She mentioned that one of her hopes was that the podcast would help people to feel not so alone when they … Continue reading

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