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Transition Time for the “Publishers Corner” Column

As of January 2013, I will have coordinated the AML blog’s monthly “Publishers Corner” column for three years. It seems like a good time to take stock and also to announce my honorable release as column coordinator.

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Publishers Corner: Write the Story that Matters

Guest post by Christopher Loke, executive editor of Jolly Fish Press When I was first approached to join Jolly Fish Press (JFP) as executive editor, my first question was, why Utah. After all, all of the houses I’ve been involved … Continue reading

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Publishers Corner: Rhemalda Publishing

Guest post by Emmaline Hoffmeister, Vice President, Rhemalda Publishing As I read through the guest posts from prior publishers, I realized that Rhemalda Publishing is a little different. We are not a Latter-day Saint publisher, per se. We are a … Continue reading

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Publishers Corner: Engaging the National Market from an LDS Perspective

Guest post by E.M. Tippetts Late last year I decided to take the plunge and become an indie author as E.M. Tippetts – the name I use to write LDS chick lit. There were a lot of reasons behind my … Continue reading

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Publishers Corner: Approaching the National Market Through Ebooks

Guest post by Karen Gowen of WiDo Publishing The e-book opportunity has opened up entirely new markets for LDS fiction. WiDo Publishing doesn’t limit its books to Mormon fiction or shy away from it. We have several titles that deal … Continue reading

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Publishers Corner: Alan Mitchell at Greenjacket Books

Guest post by Alan Mitchell I’m an independent LDS publisher, which mostly means I don’t make any money. Every man needs a avocation. I’m not sure that is true. I’m not sure what an “avocation” is—is it a mission in … Continue reading

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Publishers Corner: Behind the Scenes at Zarahemla

First of all, I’d like to thank all the publishing folk who’ve taken time to write guest posts for this “Publishers Corner” category over the last year or more. We’ve had a good range, from Deseret and Covenant to some … Continue reading

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Publishers Corner: The Disruptive Technology of e-Publishing

Guest post by Chris Schoebinger, Product Director/Creative Director at Deseret Book For Christmas my wife and I decided to get my 68-year-old mother an e-Reader. However, we were unsure about her reaction. She’s a voracious reader, but she’s never read … Continue reading

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Publishers Corner: Introducing Strange Violin Editions

Guest post by Therese Doucet Strange Violin Editions is the new kid on the block in Mormon(ish) publishing, and since Chris Bigelow was kind enough to invite me to do a guest post for AML’s Publisher’s Corner, I thought I’d … Continue reading

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Publishers Corner: Checking in with Signature Books

Guest post by Tom Kimball What a wonderful age we Mormons live in. Authors with LDS backgrounds like Elna Baker and Brady Udall are receiving national attention for their books, while Walter Kirn had Up in the Air turned into … Continue reading

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